How to keep your garden weed free

How to keep your garden weed free

Gardening is a beautiful and useful activity practiced by millions around the world, and both, the process and the result are very relaxing, each one in its own way.

You can enjoy any garden, regardless of the size, feeling that quiet and peaceful atmosphere. That piece of nature that reminds us the stunning, breathtaking and amazing beauty of our mother earth, also help us enjoy the work, the process, the investigation looking for ideas and trends for the garden, the design, and planting every single plant with love and tenderness.


Plants are sensibles to everything that surrounds them, for that reason we treat them with love and concern, paying attention to every detail and avoiding any element that might negatively affect our precious piece of heaven, and there are some negative elements you should eliminate.


The evil weed


One of the elements that might affect in a negative way is weed, those unwanted plants seriously harm the aesthetics of our garden, they ruin our design and because of them our garden looks untidy, but beyond that, weed is invasive and undesired, it steals the resources our loved plants need to live and develop showing all their beauty, so it is not only a matter of how our garden looks, but the health and live of our plants.


There are some plant that may be considered as weed in certain places and/or situations, but in other places are desired plants, like white clover for example, and there are plants designated by authorities as noxious weed because they are harmful to agricultural, natural habitats and livestock, and in both cases we want to eradicate them as soon as possible.


How to eliminate weed from our garden


The most known method to eliminate weed is the use of weed-killers, the inconvenient is that they are toxic and chemical they have may harm the environment and our desired plants as well, but there are some home-made and environmentally-friendly methods we can use. Some of them are:


  • Boiling water: you may never imagined this, but boiling water will kill effectively the weed in your garden, but beware, you must spill the water only over the weed, because it will instantaneously kill everything it touch even the roots of vegetables nearby.


  • Salt: nothing will grow on a ground with salt, this is particularly useful when you have a zone with tiles and you need to avoid weed in the small zone between tiles. Mixing boiling water and salt boosts the effect.


  • Vinegar: you can prepare you own weed-killer mixing 1 ½ lt of vinegar, the juice of one lemon and one spoon of soap for dishwasher, put it all together inside a bottle with a spray-gun, spray the mixture over the weed in a sunny day.


  • Corn flour: nothing grows beneath that flour, so wait until your plants grow, then remove the weed, spread the flour and the weed won’t grow again.