How to travel with your pets

How to travel with your pets

Pets are more than just animals for many of us, they are almost family, we highly appreciate their company and we take care of them doing our best to keep them happy and healthy, for that reason we try to what is best for them all the time, they are loyal lovely and noble companions who deserve all the love and care we can provide them.


Travelling with pets

We want to be with them as much as possible, and when we travel, we think they surely will enjoy the vacation trip as much as we do and sometimes that’s not really accurate, there are pets which enjoy a vacation trip with their human companion and they are very happy, but in some cases they suffer and definitely don’t enjoy our dream trip.

The first thing you must do, is to really think about it, think if your pet will enjoy the trip or will suffer, maybe it will be happier at home with someone who take care of it, maybe it will enjoy a road trip with you being together and knowing new places or the usual places you go during your vacations. Take in count if you are going to travel by air or you will travel in your car by road.

In any case, your pet should be properly vaccinated and identified, the best identification option is the microchip, it is reliable, safe, and has allowed many  pets to reunite with their humans, you should also clearly identify the kennel, with your permanent address and the address you will use during the vacation trip.

Take with you all the needed documents, like vaccination proof, health certificate, etc.

Be sure you have a proper carrier, big enough for your pet, it must be able to sit and lay without touching the sides, and that’s a requirement of some airlines.

Try to travel by road, it is far safer than air, even when airlines are trying to be pet friendly it has occurred a significant number of incidents with pets, included pets sent to wrong destination, lost, injured and even death, use direct flights and try to select a ln airline which allow you travel with your pet in the cabin with you (they usually allow this if the pet’s carrier is small enough to  fit under the seat), if it cannot do it, it will do it in cargo, be sure they have the proper conditions to keep your pet safe, take in count that the majority of airlines forbid snub-nosed pets like bulldogs or Persian cats, because they have breathing problems.

Prepare and plan your travel with time enough and find out which hotels at your destination are pet friendly, the best option for the trip, a hotel that use steam cleaner, etc.

If you travel by road, don’t let your pet lose, it is also forbidden in many places and it’s really insecure, stop frequently so your pet can relax and stretch its legs.