Gardening Ideas 2018

Gardening is more than the practice of growing and cultivating plants, it is an art practiced by many people around the world from immemorial times, as a form of art, we can enjoy it just as we do with a painting, sculptures or any other work of art.

When we are in a garden enjoying the view, it doesn’t matter if it’s a small garden in our yard or a legendary and famous one as the Gardens of Versailles, we always feel transported away from noise, stress and troubles. Gardens are always relaxing and gardening too, we lost ourselves in their serene and silent beauty, but it can also be useful, when we cultivate healing plants or vegetables, fruits and herb that we use when we cook.

Types of gardening

There are several types of gardening and an accepted classification is this:

  • Indoor gardening, gardens inside the house or greenhouses, etc.
  • Native plants gardening, using native plants in harmony with the selected area.
  • Water gardening, using water plants.
  • Container gardening, using any size and/or kind of container to cultivate plants.
  • H├╝gelkutor, growing plants on piles of rotten wood.
  • Community gardening, social activity performed by a group of people.
  • Garden sharing, cultivating in a partnership, sharing the work and the benefits.
  • Organic gardening, using natural and sustainable methods and non-genetically modified plants.

Tendencies for gardens in 2018

Like an art and important activity practiced by millions around the globe, there are tendencies in gardening, defining the latest trends in gardens, there are many magazines and specialized information about that theme with plenty orientation to grow that special place which will fill our soul with peace and beauty

Three of those trends for 2018 are:

Copper accents, the use of copper decorations in all its forms and color will be tendency for this 2018, copper provides color, warm and a special contrast that contrast with the softness and color of the plants.

Japanese art of Wabi-Sabi, it is a japanese term which is based in the beauty of imperfection, it states that beauty is imperfect, incomplete and impermanent. It have characteristics such as asymmetry, roughness, intimacy, economy and modesty among others. This feature very appreciated in Japan is tendency this year as well as japanese themes in gardens.

Alfresco living, the tendency this year is to use our gardens to perform daily and routinary activities such as dinner, reading or for spending time, usually outdoor dinner spaces are placed near the kitchen but this year they are placed out into garden, in order to have a more relaxing and pleasure experience, and not only space for dinner, you can place other spaces inside your garden combining them in harmony with nature.