Most Destructive Insects For Garden

Gardening is a beautiful and relaxing activity which is practiced by millions of people around the world, it give peace to your soul and calm your mind, taking the stress away, but create and keep a garden means many hard work, design your garden, decide which plant you will cultivate, the entire process of cultivating and then you must take care of your plants, their health, the soil’s quality, appropriate water irrigation and more.


One of the problems that may appear, and that you must solve fast, is the presence of bugs in your dreamed garden, many insects are good for plants, helping in their reproduction and more, but some insects are pests, they may harm your plant or affect your garden seriously, it is imperative to learn how to get rid of them without cause any additional damage by yourself.


The most destructive insects


There are many insects that may affect negatively your garden, there is a list of ten.


  • Spider mites, they are tiny mite pests, hard to see without magnification, they suck plant juices.
  • Aphids, are insects that suck plant juices weakening them and excrete a sweet honeydew residue that attracts other insects.
  • Flea beetle, tiny black beetles that feed on plants chewing small holes in leaves.
  • White flies, they are very small with rounded white wings, they secrete a honeydew similar to aphids that encourage the grow of sooty mold.
  • Cabbage worms, are small pale green caterpillars that chew irregular shaped holes in the foliage and leave excrement.
  • Tomato moths, are caterpillars that turn into moths, they feed on plants
  • Fire ants, very aggressive exotic ants, they are usually don’t harm plants, but they attack the gardener who will not be able to care the garden.
  • Japanese beetles, they are metallic blue-green beetles, the adults eat leaves and chew flowers, the larvae eat the plant’s roots.
  • Scale insects, they suck plant sap
  • Cutworms, they are grey segmented and fat larvae, 1 inch long, they chew through stems at ground level and they even may devour an entire plant completely.


How to get rid of them


There are several methods to get rid of those pests, there are some of them:


For Japanese beetles, spider mites, aphids and  white flies, you can use insecticide soap, with white flies you can also use malathion and pyrethrum products, malathion is effective against aphids too.


BT products are effective against cabbage worms, tomato moth and cutworms, in the case of cutworms you should use cutworms collar and spinosad and esfenvalerate.


Horticultural oil are effective against aphids and scale insects.


Flea beetles can be managed with carbaryl and malathion and for repel them you can spray plants with garlic spray or kaolin clay.


Fire ants can be managed with spinosad pesticide.