garden Water Distribution

Most of homeowners are not quite familiar with all the responsibilities that a well cared home carries within. There’s so much to cover, chores go beyond than sweeping every once in a while, cooking and cleaning the kitchen or going or doing laundry. If you have a home which happens to have a garden in its front or back yard, you have to take care of it as if it were a pet or even a child.

Of course, you are not a professional gardener or landscaper that knows which plant to water, when to do so and not losing your mind while keeping track. That’s why water distribution systems exist.

Water distribution systems are as old as civilization. This invention has improved the task of watering plants via carrying buckets and trying to carefully water them without drowning them and transformed it into controlling the flow of water with just a valve. Back then it was first employed to optimize harvesting and other agriculture related tasks, and nowadays it can help you to take care of your beloved garden, one of the many faces that your sweet home has.

Of course, nowadays’ irrigation systems seem to be very similar to the ones used in ancient times, but technology and modernization have made their impact in their function and manufacturing, so one may ask “how do they work?”

Irrigation systems, especially those intended for garden usage, work by carrying the water through pipes that go around the whole garden starting from a water source like tap water and deliver it to some sort of outlet that will vary depending on the purpose you wat to give to it. These outlets could be:

  • Soaker Hose: Also known as leaky pipe, it’s a porous pipe that releases water slowly along its length. These are often used in long lengths such as 50m and it’s ideal to water vegetable patches, flower borders and terrains of similar areas.
  • Mini Sprinkler: These are perfect to cover vast areas of plantation in a rapid and simple way. They function by throwing big droplets streams that cover a radius of at least 5 meters. They are pretty easy to install as you might find them pre-manufactured or customizable.
  • Micro Jet & Sprays:  These systems deliver a fine spray as their outlet force a great pressure on water. They’re nice to cover small areas (around 2 meters of radius). Equal to mini sprinklers, you can find pre-manufactured or customizable ones.
  • Drip Irrigation: They’re precise and efficient as they deliver the water directly to the roots of a lucky plant. They do slow releases of water, granting a great control of delivering and water waste.

In order to take good care of your garden, you need to be sure that your water source is as clean as possible. Certain companies specialize on softener, deionization, filtration and many other water treatment systems that will guarantee the purest water to feed your plants.